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1. I am most energized when I am:
a. meeting someone’s specific need
b. making progress toward a mission
c. talking to and getting to know people
d. using my gifts to inspire others
2. When I think of the person I admire, the characteristic I most want to emulate is:
a. the ability to love selflessly
b. faithfulness
c. inclusivity and acceptance
d. boldness
3. I sense I am walking in my purpose when I:
a. follow my heart’s instinct and reach out to a person
b. use my education or resources to serve
c. listen to and unite people
d. take a leap of faith and motivate others to do the same
4. When I was younger, I would show kindness by:
a. making others feel better
b. keeping my promises
c. befriending kids who struggled to fit in
d. stepping up to help friends or family
5. Friends and acquaintances tend to seek me out when they need:
a. time with someone who knows what it means to need grace and mercy
b. motivation to help them see a plan through to completion
c. a safe, non-judgmental person to process life with
d. encouragement and a reminder of their strengths
6. The motto that best expresses my perspective is:
a. Every person deserves to be valued and known.
b. Each difficulty is an invitation to show up authentically.
c. We are more the same than we are different.
d. A challenge is an opportunity to grow in strength and character.
7. Some things are worth stepping outside of my comfort zone for! I’m most motivated to take a risk when:
a. the well-being of the “least of these” is jeopardized
b. I have given my word
c. people are divided and need to find common ground
d. an injustice is unfolding
8. I feel a strong desire to ________________
a. serve others with love
b. make a difference through my leadership
c. draw people together
d. empower others to persevere with hope
9. I draw from my past trials to:
a. have insight into the needs of others
b. shape my path of purpose with resolve
c. communicate and listen with empathy
d. grow my strengths and transform weaknesses
10. If I run into an obstacle while pursuing my dream, my first response is to:
a. make sure I haven’t placed my needs over those of others
b. figure out what the next small step is and take it
c. contact individuals or groups who can offer wise advice
d. draw strength and perspective from past times when I overcame problems
11. The word that best describes me is:
a. comforting
b. compelled
c. connected
d. called
12. If a crisis or disaster occurred in my area, my likely contribution would be to:
a. think of and reach out to those who are most vulnerable
b. jump in and put my personal abilities to work wherever needed
c. coordinate communication and resources between people, groups, and services
d. take action and embolden others to rise above fear with faith

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